The maritime scene in Pakistan lacked a key resource namely the deployment of underwater professionals. Local and overseas maritime communities operating in the region had to hire underwater specialists from abroad despite the prohibitive cost involved in routine maintenance and repair of sea-going vessels and a host of other ancillary services. Late Mr. Syed Hassan Askari, founder, Indus Divers, had the vision to foresee the growth of this specialized sector. He set the infrastructure in place.

It was against such a backdrop that a bold decision was taken to establish Indus Divers way back in 1974.

Currently, the second generation of management is running the company with full thrust and professional focus. The Company, over the years has worked hard with due diligence and professionally delivered results through a long track record of major successes in diving operations. Being a marine services provider with high seas and harbours as its field of operations, Indus Divers value the combination of expertise and specialized equipment as key ingredients in the success factor for its growing clientele who demand and get high quality of service and satisfaction at very competitive rates.