Indus Divers have maintained a leading position in underwater ship maintenance. We have skilled professionals fully cognizant of planning procedures and different stages of execution. Over the years our manpower has gained a vast experience repairing different kinds of vessels with varying tonnage and capacities. Our scope of work extends from under water hull cleaning and propeller polishing to hull repairs by under water welding and cutting. We have technical solutions for afloat survey, maintenance and repair, The ability to blank of Inlets and overboard discharges safely and quickly underwater is essential if costly delays or even unscheduled docking are to be avoided by using buoyant hull aperture blanks.They allow sea valves to be opened up inboard for survey, maintenance or repair whilst the vessel remains afloat.

Indus Divers offer Class Approved In-Water Surveys in lieu of dry-docking, sale & purchase survey. For Surveys, cameras that are sensitive to low lightlevels are used to obtain optimum results even in murky waters meeting full requirements of the surveyor. Technical reports pertaining to In-Water Surveys in lieu of dry-docking and Sales/Purchase Surveys include underwater photographs taken at the time of survey. Survey and Underwater Hull Inspection can both be monitored with divers to surface communication with the recorded inspection being captured on DVD.

NDT Thickness Survey determine the thickness of the hull without the need to remove coatings. The condition of the hull can be ascertained and monitored is not only cost effective but owners can plan dockings.


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